6 Different Uses for Hypnosis Part 1

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Learning hypnosis is something you may consider doing for fun but it also has some serious benefits which can help out other peoplein a lot of situations. Here we will look at some of them. It should be pointed out that some of the ideas mentioned work with advanced types of hypnosis which need an expert touch, some forward planning and great patience.

1. To overcome phobias. Most of us are afraid of something, and even if we know that the fear is completely irrational there are very few ways to overcome this in a natural way. Some people suggest “facing up to the thing we fear” as being the solution but this is something most phobia sufferers instinctively shy away from. A far better solution is to use a series of gentle hypnosis sessions to softly break down the person’s fears by finding out what caused them in the first place and then make them see the object or situation they fear in a new light.

2. To improve self esteem. Many people go through their lives with a low opinion of themselves which they just can’t seem to improve. This is an extremely sad state of affairs as it is a problem which is completely avoidable. Some well planned hypnosis sessions can subtly improve the subject’s confidence and give them a new outlook on life. It can also be used to increase assertiveness, something which can be a great help in both your private and professional life.

3. To cut out stress. This is particularly useful for people who have a big exam, an important presentation at work or some other potentially stressful event. A session of hypnosis therapy can be used to help us channel the stress into positive energy which can help us give a better performance and enjoy the occasion more.

You can find Part 2 at: 6 Different Uses For Hypnosis Part 2

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