6 Different Uses for Hypnosis Part 2

Please read Part 1 – 6 Different Uses For Hypnosis Part 1

In the first part of this article we looked at three of the top reasons for learning hypnosis. Here we will go on to look at three more reasons why people find this technique invaluable for solving certain difficult problems in their lives.

4. To stop smoking. The number of people who want to give up smoking is increasing all the time, as health campaigns and public opinion show it to be an undesirable and highly unhealthy habit. Unfortunately, it is also a serious addiction which can be extremely difficult to kick even when the smoker is desperate to find a way to break free of their need for cigarettes. Most smokers who want to give it up spend a lot of money on patches and other nicotine replacement therapy, but in independent studies hypnosis has been shown to have a far higher success rate. If the therapy is done properly then between 2 and 4 sessions should give a positive result, with a 60% to 70% success rate being claimed by some professional hypnotists.

5. To unlock potential. Very often the key to solving the big puzzles in life is contained in the head of the person who most needs to find it. People who underachieve at work or who constantly fail in their personal lives can use hypnosis to find out what it is that is holding them back and stopping them from obtaining the life that they want to have. Subtle suggestions and the unblocking of psychological barriers can be enough to give someone the strength and resolve needed to change their life for the better.

6. To help you lose weight. This use for hypnosis techniques comes as a surprise to some people, but it can be used as part of a structured programme to help you think more positively about yourself and to stick to your goals.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn hypnosis, these benefits are things you can pass on once you have reached a good level and are confident of your new skills.

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