Alcohol Hypnosis

Alcohol hypnosis is emerging as a powerful treatment for alcoholism. This is because alcoholism, like all addictions, is rooted in the mind, and hypnosis uses its power to bypass the conscious and communicate directly with the subconscious when it is at a state of high suggestibility. This empowers the subconscious to deal with the problem, and the individual will be given the skills to deal with their addiction.

Alcohol can ruin your life, your health and your relationships. Unfortunately, alcoholism is a vicious cycle, and the more a person engages in this behaviour, the more their addiction spirals out of control. Medications and will power alone are often not enough, as they try to deal with the symptoms but do not deal with the root of the problem, which is embedded in the mind.

Alcohol hypnosis re-programmes the subconscious to remove its perceived need for alcohol. The individual’s self-confidence, will power and assertiveness are boosted, and the association between alcohol and potential triggers (e.g. stress, arguments, etc…) are dismantled. Furthermore, an association between alcohol and negative feelings will be constructed, so the person will associate drinking with disgust and repulsion. They will no longer crave alcohol, its effects or its taste. The person is also helped to deal with underlying issues, as these are usually the triggers for alcoholism and need to be dealt with to avoid relapse.

A typical alcohol hypnosis session will involve the hypnotherapist communicating to the person and describing how they’ve been relying on alcohol to deal with stressful situations, so that they realize the extent of their problem. They will be told that there will always be problems every now and then, but drinking doesn’t solve anything but simply makes things worse. They will then help the person to build up their self-esteem, by making them focus on something of which they’re proud – maybe an achievement or something that they’re very good at. These good feelings are then used to empower the individual to deal with their addiction, and then visualization is generally used to make them imagine getting rid of their addiction.

Nowadays, audio tapes are available so that you can benefit from the beneficial effects of alcohol hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of what it would cost you to visit a professional hypnotherapist. Alcohol hypnosis has been proven to be very helpful to control alcohol addictions, and is perfectly safe and free of side effects. In addition, it can be effectively combined with other types of hypnosis (e.g. hypnosis to boost self-confidence, hypnosis to quit smoking or hypnosis for weight management) with great, life-changing results.

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