Covert Hypnosis Techniques

Covert hypnosis refers to hypnosis that is done in a subtle way to influence persons without them realising it. In covert hypnosis, you use key phrases thrown casually into the conversation, coupled with a controlled voice tone and tempo, to send signals to the person’s subconscious mind. Your body language is also very important as a lot of our communication is actually done nonverbally.

A simple convert hypnosis technique used to build rapport is mirroring body language. Basically you observe the person’s posture, hand and feet positioning, and small body movements and adopt those same positions yourself. However, you want to delay matching their body language by about 3 seconds, so that it is not obvious to them what’s going on. When you mirror a person’s body language, subconsciously they will start feeling at ease with you, and will feel as if there’s ‘chemistry’ between you. They will feel that they can trust and identify with you.

Another covert hypnosis technique is the use of story-telling to put a person in a particular mind frame. Story telling engages the listener’s imagination and they will not use their analytical mind. Instead they will be living the experiences in the story, and their subconscious will be in tune with the character and feelings in the story. For example, if you want the person to get into a euphoric mindset, you can casually drop into the conversation a story of when you, or someone you know, was extremely happy about something…e.g. “I remember vividly the day I found out that I had gotten into my top choice university. It was a Monday, and I found the letter when I got back from a jog. I remember reading it with amazement and feeling a total state of euphoria come over me. I was so happy I couldn’t hold my tears, and it felt like I was on top of the world. I just couldn’t be happier”. At this point the person will be in a state of excitement and happiness, and they are much more likely to get excited about a preposition you make after telling such a story. This technique is often used by salespersons to get you excited about a product or service they’ll be selling. The key to this technique is to be as descriptive as possible, to have the correct voice tone and tempo, and to match the feelings you are describing by your body language. In other words, if you are describing a thrilling experience, do not keep your arms crossed or your face stiff – put a massive smile on, open your eyes wide and jump around!

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