How to Hypnotize Someone

More people are interested in finding out how to hypnotize someone than ever before. People used to be afraid of hypnotism as they didn’t like the power it seemed to have over people. We have all seen people acting like chickens or doing other silly tricks following a hypnosis session on stage or on the TV. These tricks do an injustice to the hypnotic arts.

Hypnotism is a fascinating field. When used properly you can help people get rid of all their fears and limiting beliefs. You can help them to overcome their phobias. For example someone may be afraid of flying. If they get a job that involves a lot of travelling this will become a serious issue for them. It is difficult to cure this type of phobia but a well trained hypnotist will be able to help. They can also help people to lose weight and to stop smoking.

You should never try to hypnotize someone without their permission. It is possible to do using a technique called covert hypnosis but this is best left to properly qualified psychologists. When you have the person’s permission to proceed you need to act confidently and get them to trust you completely or else the session will not be effective. You want to access their subconscious mind and the best way to do this is to engage them in conversation until they drift off into their thoughts. This may sound difficult but with the correct techniques and training you will quickly master this art.

The more you learn and practice the more proficient you become.

Can you learn how to hypnotize someone from reading some article? Not really. You may pick up a couple of tricks in a similar way to the fact you can learn how to do magic tricks but this is not real hypnosis. The only way to become an expert at this art is by studying and working under the guidance of someone who has already achieved expert status. The good news is that you do not need to pay for one to one training but can use a recognized home study course. This gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace.

The process of hypnotizing someone always starts with relaxation. It is virtually impossible for a novice to hypnotize someone who is tense or frightened. Before you start make an agreement with the person that you will stop as soon as they ask you to. This will put them at ease. You can also show someone how to relax by using meditation and deep breathing techniques. Once they are happy to proceed, start by talking in a low voice and repeat various phrases until you gradually lull your subject into a trance like state. Keep your voice calm and gradually give them certain commands such as to focus on the feelings in their legs or their arms or to listen to their breathing. Encourage them as they fall deeper into a trance. For example tell them how relaxed they are, how they feel lightweight or worry free.

Use your knowledge of how to hypnotize someone wisely and you will reap the rewards.

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How to Hypnotize Someone

In order for you to be able to know how to hypnotize someone correctly there are certain techniques that you will need to master.  Learning them correctly will ensure that you are able to determine what you are capable of and what are the possible consequences of using them.

Below we take a look at the kinds of mistakes that people just learning how to hypnotize someone can make.  By knowing what these are you can then ensure that you avoid them and so achieve the right results when you are trying to hypnotize another person.

Mistake 1 – Failure to Memorize Phrases

When learning to memorize the phrases which you will use to place a person in a hypnotic state you should never write them down to then read out.  Although initially you may feel nervous you must ensure that you speak the words in a calm and confident manner as this will help to allay any fears your subject may have with regards to what you are doing.

As you speak make sure that the you pronounce the words clearly and at no time use words such as must, should or ought to.  Unfortunately these are words that will fail to illicit the kind of response you wish to get from your subject.  Plus avoid using any form of medication to help get the person in to the right hypnotic state.  Not only won’t using medication work but it could cause some unwanted side effects in the person it has been given to.

Mistake 2 – Unpleasant Atmosphere

Creating the wrong sort of atmosphere in which to hypnotize someone is certainly going to doom your attempts to failure before you even begin.  Remember you want the person you are hypnotizing to feel comfortable and calm as this will ensure that they are more willing to listen to what you are saying. Without a doubt this is a major barrier when leaning how to hypnotize someone

The atmosphere you need to create is a relaxing one so it is a good idea to use a room where you won’t be disturbed whilst the session takes place.  A bedroom would be suitable and provide a place where the person to be hypnotized can sit or lie down during the session.  It is a good idea to fit the room with a dimmer switch to lower the lighting to a level that is comfortable for you and them.    But you don’t want the atmosphere to be too relaxing otherwise they could fall asleep.

Mistake 3 – Rushing the Process

You need to remember that when it comes to learning how to hypnotize someone the time it takes to do it will differ from one person to another.  In some cases you may find it only takes a matter of seconds to hypnotize your subject but in other cases it could be more than 20 minutes.  It is important that you remain patient throughout the entire procedure as you may need to repeat a number of parts or even the whole thing again.Once you master all these you will finally know how to hypnotize someone

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