How to Learn Hypnosis

Want to Know How to Learn Hypnosis?

How to learn hypnosisIf you want to know how to learn hypnosis it is probably best to start out by asking yourself “Why Do I want to learn hypnosis?”  If you are looking for a career as a hypnotherapist the you will need to study hard enrol in a recognised course and get professional qualifications. However on the other hand if you just want to learn a new skill which you can use to impress your friends and influeence people in your everyday life then you should consider using a NLP or Conversational Hypnosis course.

The normal style of hypnosis which you see on many TV shows and movies show a hypnotist with either a pocket watch swinging in front of the subjects eyes or getting people into a relaxed state with the use of a metronome or soft music and then talking them into a trance. This is very useful if you have a private practice however it’s not going to help you if you are trying to make a sale or influence someone to follow you lead.

In this article we are going to concentrate on how to learn hypnosis and being able to influence anyone to do what you want them to do whether it is to give you a big order or go out on a date with you. You will no doubt have seen how effective NLP (neuro linguistic Programming) and conversational hypnosis can be. There are a number of TV shows which feature it and  best exponients of these techniques ,like Derren Brown, are cult hero’s. Once you decide to find out how to learn hypnosis then you are on the path to following in these greats footsteps.

There are many people who think that people like Derren use actors and that the whole show is fake. they couldn’t be further from the truth. In the video below watch closely as Derren hands over the money, in partcular pay attention to what he says.

how to learn hypnosis

You’ll have noticed how he uses the phrase “Take it” as he hands the money over and “Take it it’s fine” in the jewelry store. He asks questions about the direction of the subway , this is know as a pattern interupt.  At the point of the pattern interupt the store keepers brain is expecting to give one answer but Derren breaks the pattern with his unexpected questions this momentarily places the brain in an alterered state. At  this point he then introduces the thought “Take it” .  If he had left it a few seconds longer the guys brain would have come back into it normal pattern.

This is just a brief view of just how powerful Conversational hypnosis can be hopefully it will have sparked your interest and you’ll want to know more about how to learn hypnosis. With the right information you too could do the same. Just imagine being able to influence everyone arround you, think of all the ways you could benefit from being able to use these techniques.

If you would like to learn more

how to learn hypnosis

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