Hypnosis Association

There is no single association which oversees hypnotherapists and hypnosis learning and use; in fact, there are many large and small hypnosis associations. The main ones are The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy; The American Hypnosis Association; The Medical School Hypnosis Association; The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; The Hypnotherapy Association; and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy certifies hypnotherapists in Europe, and is based in the UK. It keeps a register of certified hypnotherapists and people can search for them on the association’s site. To join this association, you will need to have trained at an accredited hypnotherapy school and ongoing training is a must.

The American Hypnosis Association is an American national association of hypnotherapists and other professionals involved in hypnosis or related fields. Anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy can join the association, and it provides information and training to its members, including distance learning programmes. It was established in 1968 and is based in California.

The Medical School Hypnosis Association is based in the UK and is hosted by the London Metropolitan University. The association brings together medical students and practitioners with professional practitioners of hypnotherapy, and thus try to join ‘traditional’ medicine with hypnotherapy. It coordinates research projects in this area, and promotes the use of clinical hypnosis in the medical setting.

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis claims to be the largest US organization for health and mental care professionals using clinical hypnosis. It was founded in 1957, and it offers training workshops, certification and networking opportunities. To become a member, you must be a licensed health care worker holding at least a master’s degree. Members include psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counsellors, doctors, postgraduate nurses, and chiropractors.

The Hypnotherapy Association is a leading professional association in the UK representing hypnotherapists in active practice. It holds a searchable register which can be used by the general public to find an accredited hypnotherapist. In addition, it disseminates information about hypnotherapy and hypnosis, and offers its members the opportunity to attend continuous professional development courses on a regular basis. Members are bound by the association’s code of ethics.

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association is the national registration body for hypnotherapists in Australia and is also the oldest (founded in 1949) and largest hypnotherapy organisation in Australia. Its objectives include the development of hypnotherapy professional standards, the handling of complains in relation to the profession, and overseeing the registration of hypnotherapists. To become a member, you need to show that you are properly trained and are skilled in the profession. All members are sworn to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics, to ensure the highest professional and ethical standards.

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