Hypnosis for Self Confidence

Self confidence hypnosis is a powerful way to increase your self confidence, boost your self esteem, strengthen your will power and assertiveness, and feel better about yourself. Hypnosis accesses your subconscious, which holds your beliefs and attitude towards yourself. By changing the way your subconscious feels about your personal traits, you can make yourself happier and an all-round better person.

Increasing your self confidence is key to living a better life and achieving your goals. Self confidence hypnosis empowers you and frees you from limitations that your mind sets upon itself. You will free yourself of your shyness, overcome your fear of public speaking, and start believing more in yourself. Self confidence hypnosis focuses on a self-acceptance attitude, and the belief that all your attitudes and feelings about yourself and others are within your mind’s control; change is easy when you understand and accept this.

Using hypnosis, you will have the ability to talk to your subconscious – very much like most people routinely do, however, because you will be in a hypnotized state, your subconscious will be much more open to suggestion. You will have the ability to tell your subconscious how you should feel about yourself, and you will find that these instructions will quickly start to materialize.

One of the simplest techniques of self confidence hypnosis is that of autosuggestion – indeed you may have done it in the past without realising it. Autosuggestion involves telling yourself positive affirmations repeatedly, and eventually they will reach your subconscious and become incorporated in your mind state. The keys to successful autosuggestion are persistence, repetition and strong belief. Do not just give it a few tries and give up; you need to be persistent in it. In addition, the phrases you tell yourself should be as specific and as detailed as possible, and remember – persistence is key!

Another simple technique of self confidence hypnosis is that of visualisation. Using visualization whilst under hypnosis is a very strong way of ingraining positive thoughts and emotions into your subconscious. In visualisation, you use your mind to look at a specific problem or situation in detail, creating a full picture of all aspects of it. You then identify the solution or corrective action you need to take and imagine yourself doing it, in as much detail as possible. Finally, you visualise what your life will be like when that problem is gone, and let the positive feelings sink in until your subconscious will believe that that situation already exists. This will boost your mind’s power of dealing with the situation, and this will give you all the tools you need to solve it and in the process, enhance your self confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

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