Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Most of us have tried dieting at some point, possibly without much success. The reason is not because we don’t know what we should do, but because it is so hard to keep up the ‘dieting’ behavior. The mind makes this difficult for us, one of the reasons being that one fundamental aspect of human psychology is that we want what we can’t have. This is where hypnosis comes in and can help make weight loss effortless and sustainable.

Weight loss hypnosis is not a diet plan. It is simply a way to influence the mind to adopt certain behaviors, which will cause us to be healthier and lose weight. What’s more important is that hypnosis will make these changes in behavior feel natural and not forced. Hypnosis will also make these changes easy to maintain and to become part of our normal everyday life.

During weight loss hypnosis, your subconscious will be primed to receive positive suggestions about behavior change, and the subconscious will accept these behaviors as the ‘norm’. For example, your subconscious will be instructed that you should stop eating as soon as you feel full, and not to mistake appetite for hunger, the former being a purely psychological aspect while the latter a physiological one. Your subconscious will also be instructed to change the perception of what a normal portion size is, so that you’ll start eating smaller portions.

Weight loss hypnosis can also reduce your liking to a particular problem food, if you so wish. For example, some people just cannot resist the temptation of chocolate – in this case, weight loss hypnosis can make chocolate repulsive and disgusting in their minds, and they will no longer crave it. Indeed, this is the very same technique that hypnotists use to help people stop smoking – they will make their client’s subconscious react negatively to the smell of smoke, and as a result, they will no longer crave it.

Another way that weight loss hypnosis helps a person to lose weight is by increasing their self confidence, will power and assertiveness. This helps the person to better control themselves and to be more successful in sticking to their resolutions and in achieving their goals.

Weight loss hypnosis is a fairly new area, and its potential has only been discovered in these last years. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity and many psychologists and weight loss councilors are endorsing the power of hypnosis to bring about healthy changes. It is safe, effective and can bring about impressive changes inĀ  a short period of time.

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