Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Gastric Band

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a very specific form of weight loss hypnosis. In brief, what gastric band hypnosis does is that it reprograms your mind causing you to eat less, much less. It will make your mind accept for a fact that you’ve had gastric band surgery and this will cause you to lose interest in food and you will get full after eating a very small amount of food. This is a strong form of weight loss hypnosis and is generally the preferred hypnosis treatment for persons who are very overweight or obese, and want to lose weight quickly.

Let’s take a step back first and discuss what exactly gastric band surgery is. In this procedure, a ring-like band is placed around the very first part of the stomach, and it is tightened. This results in a pouch, and effectively it reduces the useable portion of the stomach to less than 10%. This pouch will only be able to hold about 3 spoonfuls of food, and therefore when the person is eating they will only be able to consume a very small volume of food. Hence, persons with a gastric band will get full quickly and they keep feeling full for a long time because the band delays the emptying of the pouch. Gastric band surgery is a very effective weight loss method, and the amount of weight lost in persons with gastric bands is generally impressive and much more pronounced than what can be achieved with dieting or medications. However, it comes with a number of side effects and possible complications, as well as a significant cost.

Gastric band hypnosis reproduces the effects of gastric band surgery without any side effects and at a much lesser cost. The hypnotherapist will communicate with your subconscious and make your subconscious believe that you have undergone gastric band surgery. The hypnotherapist will describe the effects of this surgery to your subconscious and you will start experiencing what people who have undergone surgery experience. Consciously you will know that this is a result of hypnotherapy, but your subconscious will genuinely experience these feelings. You will start getting full after eating only a small amount, and you will stay full for longer. Weight loss will be quick and significant. Some people will be able to achieve impressive results with only one session of gastric band hypnosis while others will require some follow-ups to reinforce the new beliefs of the subconscious.

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