Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is a powerful means of helping you to stop smoking; in fact, many people regard it as the most effective way of stopping smoking. Smoking is a vicious, addictive habit that is extremely harmful to health, not to mention that it is very draining on your wallet as well. However, because of the addictive nature of nicotine, many people find it hard to stop smoking, even if they have the best intentions of doing so. This is because the mind feels that the body needs nicotine, and thus it gives rise powerful urges to smoke; urges that are often very hard to resist.

Hypnosis puts you in a state at which your subconscious is very susceptible to suggestion and thought modification. During a hypnosis session aimed at stopping smoking, your smoking habits are dismantled and you will be given the skills you need to quit this horrible addiction. Your subconscious will be taught that it does not need smoking, nor does it wish for it. Smoking will be portrayed as a disgusting activity which smells and tastes putrid. Your brain will no longer associate smoking with any positive emotions or feelings that you may now associate with it (“it helps me relax, it makes me feel better, I need it after a long day at work, etc…”) but instead smoking will be associated with negative attitudes and feelings (“it tastes disgusting, it smells bad, it is ruining my skin, etc..”). You will feel repulsed by the act of smoking. You will start feeling disgusted even when someone else is smoking close to you, let alone putting a cigarette in your own mouth!

Research has shown that although less than 10% of people who try to quit smoking using will power alone manage to do so, up to 60% of people who utilise hypnotherapy successfully get rid of their addiction. This is an extremely high percentage, especially considering the fact that using nicotine patches and other similar medications only boosts the success rate a few percentages above that of will power alone.

Hypnosis for smoking cessation is proving to be so effective that many clinics are opening up all over the world which specialise just in this. In addition, many group sessions are being held by professional hypnotherapists with great success. Audio tapes are also available by which you can benefit from the power of hypnosis to stop smoking in the comfort of your home. Hypnosis for smoking cession can be life changing, is totally safe, and will save you loads of money that you are now spending on cigarettes!

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