Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

There is a theory, which you may very well have heard at some point, that undergoing hypnosis is a dangerous situation to put yourself into. So, is hypnosis dangerous?
This idea probably comes about because of a number of different sources of information which give a misleading perception of what this procedure actually involves.

Let’s take, for example, the classic thriller movie where a good guy is hypnotised by the baddie to do something such evil as kill the President or rob a bank. The power of the movies is such that even though most of these films are ludicrous comedies or spoofs the image still sticks in our minds. However, this just cannot ever happen in real life. You simply can’t be made to do something which goes against your moral values when a baddie clicks his fingers or mentions a certain word, although it makes for a good film script admittedly.

Another example is of the stage hypnotists who make members of the audience run around like demented chickens, sing out of tune or do other silly things. This is again a false impression of the powers of hypnosis. Most of these stage acts are built around people who are playing a part and acting during the show.

The other case which makes people wonder whether hypnosis is dangerous is the worry that once you are in a trance you won’t wake up again. There is absolutely nothing to worry about here, as being hypnotised just means that you are in a perfectly normal state from which the worst that can happen is that you waken up before the session is over. Lots of studies have been carried out and hypnotists who have worked with thousands of people confirm that no one ever gets stuck or unable to wake up again.

Is hypnosis dangerous? No, it is a completely safe and natural process which can be used in a wide number of cases to benefit the patient.

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