Mass Hypnosis

Mass hypnosis refers to hypnosis of a large amount of people simultaneously; bringing about changes to each of their subconscious and embedding suggestions in each person. This is the type of hypnosis that is often used in hypnosis shows, where the hypnotherapist will be dealing with a number of people ranging from a handful on the stage to the whole studio. It is also often used to deliver group sessions for smoking cessation, alcohol cessation and anxiety treatment. In addition, it is used subtly by marketing companies and politicians, to influence large amounts of people.

Mass hypnosis can be both overt and covert. Overt mass hypnosis is the ‘traditional’ type of hypnosis – basically, all the persons involved know that they are being hypnotized and they collaborate with the hypnotherapist to allow themselves to fall into a deep trance. Overt mass hypnosis sessions are usually structured (induction, deepening, suggestion, and termination) and tend to take some time. On the other hand, covert mass hypnosis is instant and often simply involves the clever way of saying something (attention is given to pace, tone, and the words themselves). People would not realize that they are being hypnotized, as no special words or phrases are used; but rather the hypnotic elements are hidden in and blended into normal dialogue.

The effects of mass hypnosis need not be dramatic and indeed, for covert mass hypnosis, the persons will never realise that they have been affected. However, they will be more likely to accept the idea presented or to go on and buy the product advertised; but they will believe that this urge or acceptance come out of their free will and that it was 100% decided by them. They will never realize that a suggestion had been embedded into their subconscious, and that it is surfacing into their conscious.

Mass hypnosis can be learnt by anyone, and most of the techniques used are those of conversational hypnosis. If you master the latter, it is very easy to become proficient in mass hypnosis. Remember that hypnosis is not an esoteric art accessible only to a few individuals but instead it is simply the combination of the correct body language, voice tone, pace and correct choice of words to connect with the human psyche.

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