NLP Hypnosis Techniques

NLP hypnosis combines neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with hypnosis, to achieve remarkable results. NLP is a form of psychotherapy the connects neurological processes to behavioural patterns – in essence, it connects what we do to how we feel. Hypnosis is a way by which the subconscious is communicated with directly, often bypassing the conscious mind; this means that the hypnotised person becomes highly suggestible and open to instructions and thought modification.

Perhaps the most common NLP technique is anchoring, and probably everyone has experienced it at some point. Is there a song which when you hear it, it triggers feelings from the past? If yes, than that song has become an anchor to those feelings. With NLP hypnosis, you can anchor whatever you want to whatever feelings or mental states that you desire. For example, you can anchor touching your ear with feelings of self-confidence. Whenever you are feeling anxious about something or experiencing stage fright, you can simply touch your ear and access those feelings of self-confidence and control. When choosing an anchor (e.g. touching the top part of your right ear), it is important to chose one that is specific, intermittent (otherwise desensitization would occur), and that it is anchored to a prompt and unique reaction (otherwise association would not occur).

A more advanced NLP hypnosis technique is the flash. It is used to dismantle a conditioned response, in other words, to remove an association between two behaviours. For example, many people tend to have a cigarette when they are feeling hungry. With time, their minds will associate being hungry with having a cigarette, and they will start craving for a cigarette whenever they are hungry. The flash can be used to remove this association.

Another NLP hypnosis technique is called the reframe, and it is used to change the behaviour of a person. The outcome (what the person’s goal is) is identified, and then the subconscious is accessed and made to substitute one set behaviour with another, which is acceptable to the conscious but will be more beneficial towards achieving the goal than the previous behaviour.

The appeal of NLP hypnosis is that you do not need to master the whole art to benefit from it. Even if you just understand one concept or technique of NLP hypnosis, you can use it in isolation to improve your life. The anchoring is the easiest technique to learn, and we suggest that you try that first.

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