Photographic Memory Hypnosis

Photographic memory, also known as eidetic memory, is the ability to recall images and sounds perfectly and with uncanny precision, as if you have access to a photo or video of the event. Persons with photographic memory can recall all sensory information of an event, including gustatory and olfactory aspects.

Very few people are naturally born with photographic memory, and this ability is more frequent in children than in adults – children with photographic memory tend to lose this ability as they move into adulthood. In addition, many persons confuse exceptionally good memory with photographic memory but the two are not the same.  Persons with exceptional good memory usually use devices such as mnemonics to help them remember things, and generally they will not remember small details of an event. On the other hand, those with photographic memory retain the information perfectly and without needing to use ‘memory jogger’ devices.

Photographic memory hypnosis harnesses the power of hypnosis to put the subconscious in a highly receptive state and primes the memory centres of the brain to retain information. Although it is rare that people are able to develop perfect photographic memory using hypnosis, it does have the power to dramatically improve your memory and you will immediately start noticing that you’ll be able to remember more things and with less effort.

The beneficial results of photographic memory hypnosis can be greatly enhanced if combined with memory-building exercises which train the brain to be better at recalling details. You can also boost the effects of a photographic memory hypnosis session by trying to rely more on your memory. In other words, be confident in your abilities. For example, stop taking a list for grocery shopping and instead rely on remembering what you need. Photographic memory hypnosis is perfectly safe and does not carry any risks whatsoever. In addition, nowadays audio tapes are available so that you can benefit from photographic memory hypnosis in the comfort of your own home.


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