Subliminal Hypnosis

Subliminal hypnosis is different from traditional or mainstream hypnosis in that while in the latter, the person knows that they are being hypnotized and allow themselves to get into the trance-like state, in subliminal hypnosis the person has no idea that their subconscious is being manipulated, and typically it happens instantly and in short bursts. Subliminal hypnosis works because it bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the subconscious. Therefore, the person will think that the feelings or thoughts experienced have come from within, out of their own mind, but in reality they would have originated from the hypnotist and transmitted to them.

Subliminal hypnosis can be used to help someone with chronic conditions, or it can be used to improve your life. For example, you could use subliminal hypnosis to ace an interview, to build rapport with a client, or to get your manager to accept your proposal. Subliminal hypnosis can be used to influence people around you, to win friends, to boost your popularity, or – in the wrong hands – for unethical purposes. Indeed, many salespersons use subliminal hypnosis to get people to buy their product or service.

You can also use subliminal hypnosis on yourself to improve your life. An easy way to do this is to make use of subliminal hypnosis music CDs which sound like normal, relaxing music but have positive subliminal messages embedded in them. Such CDs can help to boost your self confidence, control your addictions such as smoking and overeating, and improve your will power. A note of caution here – never use these CDs while driving or while doing a task which requires focus.

There is nothing magical or esoteric about subliminal hypnosis. It is simply a way of controlling your posture to send the right signals to the subconscious of the persons around you; and to use the right words, voice tone, and pace to embed suggestions into the subconscious of others. It takes time and practice to master subliminal hypnosis, but once you understand what it’s all about, you’ll find that you’ll start incorporating it naturally into your everyday conversations and encounters. Another bonus of understanding what subliminal hypnosis is all about and how it works is that you’ll be able to realise when someone is trying to use it on yourself. Many advertisements carry subliminal messages nowadays, and you’ll easily be able to spot them when you learn about subliminal hypnosis.

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