Underground Hypnosis

Underground hypnosis is a very controversial subject, and is indeed discredited and shunned by a number of hypnotherapists, as some say that it doesn’t work and others feel that it is unethical. This article does not condone the use of underground hypnosis, nor does it teach underground hypnosis techniques. Rather, it provides information about this particular type of hypnosis for educational purposes only.

Underground hypnosis is a strong form of covert hypnosis – basically it attempts to control the minds of those around you. It is used unscrupulously by advertising companies and by salespersons for financial gain, and by some politicians to influence people. Its users justify it by saying that using it is not unlawful, because in essence all they are doing is using specific words, hand gestures, and voice intonations to communicate with a person’s unconscious. So, technically, you are not forcing anyone to do anything against their will. However, opponents of this system argue that in effect what underground hypnosis does is to manipulate or ‘bend’ someone’s will, which is unethical. In addition, because of its power, many claim to have the ability to teach it at a price, but it is often hard to distinguish the real thing from quackery.

Underground hypnosis originated in the military and during wars to develop successful propaganda. Indeed, during both world wars, all sides made use of underground hypnosis to influence their citizens into believing that they were right while the enemy was wrong – that the enemy was the evil guy, the bad guy.

Underground hypnosis is not easy to master and requires lots of practice. In addition, not everyone will manage to use it effectively, as it does require some natural charisma, fluency of thought and excellent verbal aptitude. If you do go ahead and give underground hypnosis a try, remember the ethical and moral ramifications of it, and please only use it judiciously. For example, use it to protect yourself from others who might try to use it against you.

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