What Kind of People Can I Learn to Hypnotise? Part 1

When you begin to learn how to hypnotise people you may wonder what type of person makes a good subject for hypnosis.

It was commonly thought that gullible, easily led people were the best types of subjects to be put under a spell, but recent research gives us an idea of some of the factors which can influence how easy it is to hypnotise someone.

1. Imagination. Subjects with a vivid imagination are usually easier to hypnotise than those who don’t possess this. Anyone who can easily imagine themselves in other situations or as someone else is a good subject for you.

2. Age. It appears that older people are more difficult to hypnotise than younger ones. It is not clear exactly why this is the case but some theories suggest that it could an effect of the decrease in imagination which generally comes with age. Some research concludes that a poor memory in older people is what leads to their declining imagination and therefore poorer hypnotisability.

3. Sleep walkers and talkers. Those who tend to talk in their sleep are very good hypnosis subjects, while people who walk while sleeping are even more likely to go under fairly easily. Hypnosis is actually used very often by people who want to lose the potentially dangerous activity of wandering about the house while sleeping.

4. Someone with an open mind. There is a mistaken belief that being hypnotised shows a weak mind or lack of intelligence. This is not the case at all, as we can see from the other factors on the list. However, if someone had the set idea that they don’t want to be put under then the chances are that they will be able to resist. Anyone who keeps an open mind and wants to be hypnotised is a good subject.

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